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Demo Cover


My second collection of stories, All the Little Moving Parts, is now available exclusively through this website. Like any artist, I confidently proclaim this to be my finest work, featuring a pair of stories praised by the editors of AGNI, and another pair published in The Wisconsin Review and Jigsaw and a pair. Just like your favorite upstart indie rockers, this book is seeing the light of day with neither the help nor hindrance of a major label. And though that means that you get to buy directly from the artist, it also means that said artist has no ad campaign. So, if you order and you’re into what you find when you crack the cover and explore, please spread the word.




Suggested explorations:
exploding-heart2Disorder: People say the dumbest things to people who suffer from anxiety. And they’re only kinda to blame. Turns out there’s been some confusion about the right words for a long time. Turns out your anxiety and my Anxiety are not the same thing.
Negative Space: Tacked awkwardly onto the end of a long-unopened file, ten years after writing it, I unearthed the first fiction I ever created. Strangely, I don’t hate it.
Reveal the Best of Me: How my cat twice saved my life. Featuring ODs, suicide attempts, a broken engagement, mass betrayal, & phantom limb pain.
Check, Please!: How to Dine Out, with plenty of examples of How Not to Dine Out. Begun in ’04, when I was 7½ years in; edited in ’08, after 12; finished in ’11, soul-dead in year 15.
In This Twilight: On my fifteen-year, intensely intimate yet simultaneously non-existant relationship with Trent Reznor.
ses·quip·e·dal·ism[ses-kwip-i-dl-iz-uhm, ‐kwi-peed-l-iz-uhm]—noun1. The instantiation of a sesquipedalian word; the instantiation of a word a foot-and-a-half-long.Origin:1605–15; Latin sēsquipedālis: measuring a foot and a half (sesqui-, pedal) + -ism1873 F. HALL Mod. Eng. 148 “The era of galvanized sesquipedalism and sonorous cadences.”